Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dazed & Confused, Sommerset House

 UNIQLO cashmere knit PINKYOTTO shorts ZARA feathered clutch & blazer

I went to check out the Dazed & Confused 20 yr retrospective at Sommerset House this week.
It was one of those rare, perfect autumn London days, crisp and beaming with beautiful sunlight so I dared to venture out without my huge over coat and million layers and went for this simple layered look. In my books as long as you have cashemere on you somewhere you will always be ok when the winter chill picks up and this ice blue jumper from Uniqlo was a steal when I picked it up one chilly morning in walking in Manhattan.


  1. OMG i love that outfit especially that clutch, its to die for! i think i'm obsessed with that wine colored blazer and anything "wine colored" especially lip sticks!

  2. Love this! The blazer and the boots are amazing <3

  3. Thanks so much for the lovely feedback ladies! xxx

  4. Amazing outfit! I love everything in it!!!
    I love your style, really inspires me!!!
    I love your blog, of course I'm your new follower, I'm so happy for descover your blog :)


  5. stunning outfit! that feathered clutch is the perfect touch!

  6. Hi!!! I love these boots...where can I get them? topshop? can´t find them at the site... :( helpppp

  7. The color of that blazer!!! Love!

  8. This outfit is perfection. Its a total inspiration for what to wear to NYW and IFB CON in NYC. I just joined your blog and I am loving everything.


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